About Us

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, publishers face the continuous challenge of maximizing revenue while delivering engaging content to their audiences. One of the pivotal technologies that have emerged to address this challenge is header bidding, and among the leading service providers in this domain is RevBid. RevBid is a dynamic and innovative platform that specializes in header bidding solutions and offers seamless integration with Google AdX, unlocking new possibilities for publishers to optimize their ad revenue.

Header bidding has revolutionized the way publishers monetize their digital properties. Traditionally, publishers relied on waterfall auctions, where ad networks were prioritized sequentially. This method often resulted in suboptimal yields as it didn't allow real-time competition between demand sources. Header bidding, on the other hand, enables publishers to simultaneously auction their ad inventory to multiple demand partners before calling the ad server. This simultaneous auction allows for fair market value determination, ultimately driving up revenue for publishers.