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Conduct auctions between 14+ SSPs on each of your impressions and skyrocket your revenue!

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Professional header bidding.

With years of experience in AdTech, we have built one of the strongest Prebid setups for publishers. We prioritise clarity, transparency, and proper services while fighting against advertising monopolies. Our cooperation is built on diversity, safety and fairness for all.

Hundreds of happy publishers.

We proudly stand against modern slavery and support charities.

How we help you earn more


We conduct auctions for every impression to maximize ad revenue.

Ad refresh

SSP-compliant refresh rules to make the most out of viewable units.

Expert advice

Our AdOps experts are available at all times for troubleshooting & advice.

Consent management

Make sure users agree to cookies and adhere to GDPR, CCPA & more.


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positive feedback.


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onboarded daily.
The RevBid Way

Benefits of working with RevBid.

Simple, easy and global payouts.
Active and friendly support.
A strong stack, even for lower tier traffic.
UX-friendly and fast-loading ads.
Basic information

Frequently asked questions

RevBid is a header bidding platform for ad monetization. We have a stack of in-house solutions to help increase ad revenue.

We believe in publisher freedoms. There are no contracts or lock-ins, only a fixed terms of service. You can use us alongside other networks too - although multiple header bidding platforms on one page may conflict.

Our minimum withdrawal is just $50, much below industry standards. We generally process payments on a NET60 basis, as our demand partner payouts range from NET45 to NET90. You can get paid by PayPal, Wise, Bank Transfer and crypto.